Retrieves an item from the "generic cache," which operates with a simple HTTP-based interface. This cache API is compatible with tools like Gradle, CCache, and others which use a simple GET/PUT-based pattern to access cached artifacts.

Cache Fetch

Fetch an item from the Buildless cache which resides at a known key. This endpoint should be used by tools which already know how to properly cache and resolve build inputs.

Cache fetch requests are simple, and deal with only one input: a key, which should either be present in the cache or not. If the key is present, the cache will return the blob associated with it; in some circumstances, for large blobs, a redirect may be returned (where supported).

If the key is not present, an HTTP 404 is issued to indicate a missing cache value. All cache fetch requests must be authorized either by a Buildless API key, or a user token.

Usage notes

Limitations: See Generic Cache Limits & Quotas for information about maximum object sizes, object eviction lifecycles, and more.

Avoiding HTTP caching

If desired, POST may also be used for the CacheFetch operation, which avoids intermediate HTTP caching. By default, GET may be used if HTTP caching is desired or acceptable for your use case.

Content-Type is preserved

Unless restricted via the Limits & Quotas for the Buildless service, the Content-Type value provided on object put is persisted and served for hits on that object.

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