This page describes maximum values for the Generic Cache

The Generic Cache sets some reasonable limits which help the service perform better; that isn't an artificial limit, by the way! We have observed that over most home and office internet connections, the limits we've chosen maximize time savings for your builds.

It can be tempting to put everything in the build cache. This probably isn't the way to save you the most time, though, because:

  • You'd need to upload and download all of that data
  • We are all subject to internet speed limits and the speed of light as a limiting factor
  • Your disk and memory on your local machine are much closer than Buildless

That's why the Buildless service intelligently limits the amount of data uploaded and downloaded to the cache, based on network speed during a build.

Service limits

Limitations listed in this section apply to all clients of the Buildless Service, and are enforced at the edge before traffic enters Elide Cloud networks:

  • No more than 10RPS allowed from any one IP address
  • No more than 100RPS allowed from any one API key
  • No more than 1000RPS allowed from any one tenant or individual user, across all keys

These limits are in place to help avoid rapid exhaustion of quota and keep the service running smoothly. If you find yourself needing higher limits, drop us a line and we can talk.

Cached object limits

Limitations listed below apply to individual cached objects. These limitations apply by default to all customers, but can be changed on a case-by-case basis:

  • No more than 32MB per object, unless you have configured a higher limit in your account (Business and up)
  • Max idle time of 14 days - if the object hasn't been touched in this time, it will be flushed
  • Max lifetime of 30 days - no object ever lives longer than this