Stores an item in the "generic cache," which operates with a simple HTTP-based interface. This cache API is compatible with tools like Gradle, CCache, and others which use a simple GET/PUT-based pattern to access cached artifacts. The enclosed artifact (body data) is stored under the given key. If a compatible Content-Type is specified, the cache will hold on to the original content type, and include it at the time a cached artifact is served. If no Content-Type is specified, the cache will assume an opaque blob, and data will be served back with application/octet-stream.

Cache Store

Persist a bundle of raw data with the Buildless cache, which should reside at a known key. This endpoint should be used by tools which already know how to properly cache and resolve build inputs. Cache store requests specify the key at which the item should be stored.

Cache keys may vary by tool or project, but, in all cases, are considered opaque by Buildless. All cache store requests must be authorized either by a Buildless API key, or a user token. HTTP POST and PUT are interchangeable for this endpoint.

Note: The headers Content-Type and Content-Length are required to be set on all inputs. The Content-Type value is respected by the cache when the content is served. Different Content-Length values may change how the server responds to the upload request.

Usage notes

Limitations: See Generic Cache Limits & Quotas for information about maximum object sizes, object eviction lifecycles, and more.

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