Methods which make builds observable

About the Telemetry System

The Telemetry service accepts events from builds which are happening on developer machines and in the cloud. Ideally, Buildless should cover both your CI and your local environment; this allows the statistics in Buildless to be as accurate as possible, and for CI jobs to prime the cache for higher hit rates during dev.

A note about privacy

The Buildless service is tuned for privacy. We do not record private PII of any kind, and we do not sell data to third parties; we don't even use our own data for re-marketing. We just think the service should work and you should want to use it.

We will never sell your data. If you would like a complete copy of your data, please drop us a line at privacy at less dot build (careful, this link will open a mail client).

What we collect

When a build runs, we collect data like the events that happened in the build, along with how long each took, and what inputs and outputs surround a given build step. Events also tell the service when the build begins and ends (via either success or failure), and what tools were used in the build.

Why do we collect this stuff?

Buildless uses the metrics above to drive analytics in your dashboard; you can see everything we can see! Aside from the obvious vanity of waking up every day and making sure the hitrate is high, we collect this stuff because:

  • We can continuously optimize the service for specific tools and use cases
  • By knowing how long builds take during cache misses, we can tell you how much time you've saved
  • We build interest in Buildless with this data, when we release anonymized reports and stats

How can I see my data?

When you use the Analytics section of the dashboard, you're browsing data which was taken in via API logs and the Telemetry Service.