Near-caching and local cache management

The Buildless Agent service is an optional software component which runs in the background on a developer's machine, or in a CI environment, as part of the Buildless CLI tools.

When the agent is installed and running, your builds will automatically leverage features like near caching, seamless authorization, client-side routing, and more. Buildless plugins for build tools like Gradle will automatically detect a running agent.

Agent Architecture

The Buildless Agent runs with minimal system resources, and is designed to hold the 500 hottest objects witnessed within a developer's workflow, with additional memory limits applying as needed or configured.

The Agent absorbs all cache writes and reads, and optionally proxies or propagates these up to the Cloud Edge. Writes are always async with the agent, and reads are always read-through, which primes your Near Cache automatically during a build.

Flowchart depicting agent interaction flow for build cache operations

Agent interaction flow


Client-side transport optimization

The Buildless Agent will notice if your internet connection drops, or the Buildless Service goes down, and will gracefully degrade to local-only caching. Once your connection resumes, the Agent will notice, and cloud services will automatically re-engage.

This means that Buildless will never stop your builds, even if our cloud service is down or you have no internet connection at all.

Pushing to the cache has minimal impact because it is deferred, allowing developers to share cached artifacts efficiently even with significant latency or bandwidth constraints.

Many build tools only speak HTTP/1.1. The Buildless Agent upgrades this traffic to HTTP/2 or HTTP/3 and pools connections, resulting in noticeable performance gains.

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