JVM Dependencies

Setting up Packagist for use with the JVM

Packagist provides first-class support for the JVM ecosystem, including support for Maven and Gradle. Maven Central mirrors and Gradle Plugin Portal mirrors are both available. See below for examples and links to setup guides.

There are typically two ways to use Packagist: per-user and per-project:

All projects accelerated transparentlyIncremental acceleration per-project
Requires no code changesMay require code changes
Configured in user home directoryConfigured in project code

Really, it's up to the developer, as the routes are equivalent from Packagist's perspective.

Packagist and Maven

Setting up Packagist with Maven is easy. Follow the steps in the Maven setup guide to get started. Maven supports both per-user and per-project settings.

Setup Packgist for Maven →

Packagist and Gradle

Setting up Packagist with Gradle is just as easy as Maven. Follow the steps in the Gradle setup guide to get started. Gradle also supports both types of configuration.

Setup Packgist for Gradle →

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