Go Dependencies

Using Packgist as a GOPROXY


Goproxy support is early

We're working to improve things quickly! Please report issues in the Packagst repo.

Golang supports the concept of the GOPROXY variable for fetching dependencies; if defined, the proxy will be used instead of the default global service.

How it works

Using Packagist as a GOPROXY doesn't require any authorization. It's a publicly available endpoint meant to accelerate your downloads; it's backed by Cloudflare, like all of the Packagist endpoints.

Set your GOPROXY via:

go env -w GOPROXY=https://go.pkg.st,direct 

Security & Performance

All traffic is full end-to-end TLS, with only modern algorithms enabled. For more information about what makes Packagist secure and fast, see the Accelerating Dependencies guide.