Conceptual model + data hierarchy supported by Buildless

This section explains how data and accounts are organized within Buildless.

Data Model

Cached data is always linked to an account scope in Buildless, which can consist of:

  • An individual user's account
  • An organization-level ("tenant") account
  • A user operating within the scope of an organization-level account

With each scope type, reasonable authorization rules, replication settings, and so on, apply. This section of the documentation explains each point in the Buildless data hierarchy, and how rules apply or arise.


Read more in the Organizations guide.

Organizations in Buildless function similar to how they do on GitHub or GitLab, as a collection of related users, cached assets, and settings. Orgs are also referred to as "tenants."

About Organizations

  • Can invite any Buildless user to join
  • Can create "managed" users, for instance, synchronized with a directory via SCIM
  • Can automatically share access to caches across an organization
  • Can create organization-level cache projects
  • IT and finance users can be invited to manage auth or billing features


Read more in the Projects guide.

Projects in Buildless help establish hierarchy and grouping for cached objects. Projects are always owned by one account scope (either a user or org), and carry their own settings, which override settings at the org-level.

About Projects

  • Can be linked to source repositories
  • Can generate project-level API keys
  • Can share or isolate objects with their parent scope

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