Buildless + Gradle

Supercharge your Gradle workflow with Buildless

Buildless is designed with first-class support for Gradle. In fact, much of Buildless' own code is written in Gradle and Kotlin, and Buildless even uses Buildless to cache Buildless! We use the Gradle plugin every day.

Caching in Gradle: Primer

Gradle supports build caching via two mechanisms: the local build cache, and a remote build cache. Buildless operates as a drop-in remote build cache and complements your local caching, if enabled.

The Gradle remote build cache is a powerful tool which is used by the Gradle team themselves to make sure their builds stay fast. Gradle's sales materials advertise an 86%+ build speed improvement with properly tuned caching.

Using Buildless with Gradle

  • Before you start: Setup your Buildless account and obtain your API key
  • Project Setup: Setup the Gradle plug-in, or configure Gradle manually